Accreditation Steering Committee Website

Committee Charge

The Accreditation Steering Committee (ASC) oversees and manages all accreditation and ACCJC-related matters including internal and external reporting on current accreditation status.

  • Oversees and manages all required reports to the Accrediting Commission of Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC).
  • Prepares, reviews, and presents all updates to the LACCD Board of Trustees on the status of college accreditation.
  • Manages internal and external communication on current college accreditation status.
  • Recommends to the College President on an annual basis appropriate reassigned time for the Faculty Chair of Accreditation based on the level of response required by the ACCJC.

Meeting Schedule

The ASC meets monthly on the 4th Monday from 1:30pm – 3:00pm


  • 4 Vice Presidents
  • Academic Senate President or designee
  • Faculty Chair of Accreditation
  • Local 1521 Chapter President or designee
  • Chair of Chairs or designee
  • Local 1521A Chapter Chair or designee
  • ASO President or designee
  • Resources
    • Faculty Chair of Program Review – Assessment Committee
    • Faculty Chair of Program Viability Committee
    • Faculty Chair of Student Learning Outcomes Committee
    • Associate Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
    • Manager, Public Relations