Roster of Members


  • Dr. Mary Gallagher, VP Administration
  • Martin Diaz, Academic Senate(replacing Wally)


  • Laurance Frank, President
  • Anna Badalyan, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
  • David Ysais, Public Affairs
  • Patrick Reed, Web Designer


  • Angie Abraham, Academic Senate
  • Elton Robinson, Academic Senate
  • Bradley Vaden, Academic Senate
  • Carole Anderson, AFT Faculty Guild
  • Sue Feigenbaum, AFT Faculty Guild
  • Jess Guerra, AFT Faculty Guild
  • Vacant, AFT Faculty Guild
  • Lori Hunter, AFT Staff Guild
  • Kookie Murray, AFT Staff Guild
  • Vincent Jackson,¬†Teamsters
  • Charles Green, ASO President
  • Taqwa Beamon, ASO Treasurer
  • Tayebeh Meftagh, Chair of Chairs
  • Sang Baik, Classified¬†Manager
  • Jack Belden, SEIU Local 721
  • John Rosales, SEIU Local 99
  • Miguel Rodriguez, Buildings & Trades
  • Leticia Barajas, VP Academic Affairs & Workforce and Economic Development
  • Kaneesha Tarrant, VP Student Services