LATTC Committee Representatives


LATTC Representative (s)

Chancellor’s Cabinet

President Chapdelaine

Council of Academic Affairs

VP Marcy Drummond

Council of Student Services

VP Ramon Castillo

District Administrative Council

VP Mary Gallagher

District Planning Committee

Dean Anna Badalyan

VP Mary Gallagher

Lourdes Brent

District Budget Committee

President Chapdelaine

John McDowell

Cliff Montour (guest)

Fiscal Policy and Review Committee

Human Resources Council

President Chapdelaine

Joint Labor/Management Benefits

Carole Anderson

District Technology Planning and Policy Committee

Linda Delzeit

Bond Steering Committee

(through Academic Senate Council and AFT Department Reps meeting)

District Citizens’ Oversight Committee

Energy Oversight Committee

(through Academic Senate Council)

Sheriff’s Oversight Committee

(through AFT E-committee/E-board)

Curriculum Deans Committee

Career/Tech Education Deans Committee

VP Leticia Barajas

CalWORKs Committee

Linda Cole

District Research Committee

Dean Anna Badalyan

Schedule Production Deans Committee

District Distance Education Coordinators Committee

Linda Delzeit

Disabled Student Programs and Services Coordinator Committee

Donna Lichtman

EOPS Directors Committee

Associate Dean Derek Majors

Child Development Center Coordinators

Pauline Carrillo

District Matriculation Committee

Dean Dorothy Smith

Financial Aid Committee

Cecilia Kwan

District Admissions and Records Committee

Dean Raul Cardoza

District Admissions/Tech Committee

Dean Raul Cardoza

Associated Students Advisors Committee

Assistant Dean Luis Dorado

International Student Advisors Committee

Ashraf Hosseini

Degree Audit Steering Committee

Business Office Committee

Marcus Anglin

Bookstore Managers Committee

Galen Bullock

Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee

District Technology Committee

Sang Baik

District Academic Senate

Lourdes Brent

Larry Pogoler

Jan Gangel-Vasquez

Alicia Rodriguez-Estrada

District Academic Senate Executive Committee

Lourdes Brent

District Academic Senate Educational Policy Advisory Committee (EPAC)

David Esparza

District Academic Senate Curriculum Committee

Jing Babb

District Academic Senate Discipline Committee

(each college discipline has representative)

Student Success Initiative Steering Committee

Dean Dorothy Smith, Dimitri Lagos


Student Success Initiative Taskforce on Professional Development

(LATTC Staff Development Coordinator-vacant)

Student Success Initiative SLOs Committee

(LATTC SLO Coordinator-vacant)

District Transfer Committee

David Esparza

Lisa Moreno

LACCD Sustainability

Brano Goluza

African-American Outreach Initiative Commitee

Maurice Burnett

The Project MATCH Steering Committee

Luis Avila