Program Review – Assessment Committee Website (ARCHIVED)

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Committee Charge:

The Program Review-Assessment Committee (PRAC) shall oversee implementation of program review and assessment processes at LATTC. PRAC By-Laws (approved: 03/07/17).

Meeting Schedule:

Meetings shall be held on the first Wednesday of each month from 1:15 pm to 3:00 pm.


Program Review – is a continuous, broad based, systematic evaluation and planning involving all college programs and services. Program review integrates planning and resource allocation into a comprehensive process that leads to the accomplishment of the college’s mission and improvement of institutional effectiveness and academic quality. Program review addresses short and long term needs for educational programs and services for human, physical, technology, and financial resources

Assessment –  is a method to systematically evaluate the impact of learning and/or services and to determine whether desired learning outcomes are being achieved. The data collected is used to make decisions, design initiatives, and recommend changes. Essentially, the purpose of assessment is to improve our courses, programs, services and institution for student success.  LATTC Assessment Guidelines (10/21/2015)

Planning: is the process in which a unit/department/division manager, through dialogue and discussion within the unit/department/division, uses information from the program review to identify and document the strategic directions, goals, activities, and resources needed. Prioritization of Resource Requests falls under the purview of the Planning and Budget Committee.

Planning Diagrams: