WEC Minutes October 4, 2010

WEC Meeting Minutes (2)- October 4, 2010

Committee:             Work Environment Committee

Date:                 October 4, 2010

Time                       1:15 p.m.

Location:                TE 501


C. Anderson

C. Barnett

R. Bledsoe

J. Cavanaugh

M. Gallagher

N. Gergis

A. Hosseini

L. Hunter

R. Jackson

D. Jenkinson

C. Johnson-     Taylor

J. Lisanti

M. Murphy

T. Nieves

J. Ratcliff

P. Reed

L. Royal-Burnett

C. Ruffin

B. Smith

D. Smith

Guests: Sheila Tishler for Ashraf Hosseini, Luis Dorado, Deba Mohapatra, Cecilia Vega

Recommendations for College Council Committee (Action Items from Minutes Below):

Meeting Convened: The meeting was called to order at 1:25 pm.

Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from the meeting dated,   XXX, were approved by consensus.

Report on Actions Taken: Bill Smith took care of the soap and gnats issue in ST building.

Payroll/Personnel safety/security concerns were resolved per Bill Smith.

Action/Discussion Items:

Item: CPM Report (Deba Mohapatra)
Key Consideration: Discussion….

Construction Projects

LRC/Library Renovation-estimated date of completion is on October 2012.  Will start working in a month.  Work will be done late afternoon to minimize the noise to surrounding buildings.

Craig Barnett asked if there is equipment that can be used for teaching, like A/C unit.

Mary Gallagher recommended giving instructors opportunity to check equipment that can be used for class.  Deba Mohapatra will make the arrangement.

Construction Technology Building – Boiler Retrofit – got issues with this project per Bill Smith.

Campus-wide Improvements Phase 2 – CPM move, door closures (ADA issue) and emergency lighting are included in this Design Build Project.  Deba Mohapatra would like Ron Jackson to work directly with the contractors.

Fashion & Fine Arts Building-HVAC Upgrade-Still have issue with air balancing.  Carole Anderson provided Deba Mohapatra with the punch list and would like to make sure that ceiling tiles be fixed and to take care of the diffusers (giant holes in some classrooms).

Campus Security Systems – (General) software programming needs to be done.

A Building Restoration and Modernization East Wing – this project is 4 months delayed.  Estimated date of completion is on December 2010.  In order to move back in East Wing, 3 things must be done: 1) emergency powers 2) elevators 3) fire alarms

A Building Restoration and Modernization-West Wing – found hazardous materials in basement of A Building, estimated date of completion is on August 2011.

Carole Anderson mentioned that construction workers are bothering (whistling and cat calling) female students on campus.  Deba Mohapatra will have a chat with the construction workers.

South Campus –General – Anti Graffiti coating warranty.  Also, Deba Mohapatra reported that DWP has issue connecting pipes into the buildings (South campus).

Bill Smith stated that a planner already assessed the issue and will give us options.

Nasr Gergis mentioned that we need to order emergency chairs, 2 for ST building and 2 for TE building.

Sheila Tishler reported that counseling office needs extended arms for their monitors.  Nasr Gergis already talked to Tanisha.

Programming and Design Phase Projects

Construction Technology Building-Estimated construction cost about $90M.  Excellent contractors. Will select contractor by the end of this month and will strike the ground on July 2011.  He also mentioned that temporary parking lots will be gone by the end of Spring 2011 semester.

Mary Gallagher recognized Craig Barnett involvement with the Construction Technology new building meetings; he spent numerous hours reviewing the contractor’s proposals.  Bill Smith was recognized as well.

Luis Dorado asked how we inform students about construction update.

Mary Gallagher suggested posting information in the cafeteria.  She will coordinate with Bill Smith. Will reconnect the weekly report that David Ysais post on the website or send out construction update via e-mail to LATTC_ALL  and faculty are responsible of informing students.

Design Side Energy Optimization- Siemens contracted this project.  Energy saving, 3 ½ yr. payback, also putting in better light fixtures.

Mary Gallagher reported that solar panels in F building have been in DSA for a long time.  District will pay for this project.  And will keep the north end of F building open.

Bill Smith stated that we can save $300,000 per year with the solar panel project.

Craig Barnett suggested punching holes in concrete and asphalt so water will drain directly to the soil.

Bill Smith cited CDC parking lot as a sample, water drains directly to the soil.

Performing Arts & Entertainment Center (Grand Theater) – Approved budget was $12M.  Deba Mohapatra reported that $25M is the estimated cost of project.  Mary Gallagher added that already spent $20M to $21M.  This cost will be accommodated by supplementing the current fund by other sources.

Campus-wide Information Technology Upgrade-Mary Gallagher reported that $24M already spent for this project.  We need to step back.  Included in this project is to have projector, LCD and phone in each classroom.   Voice over phones speakers, also need to have written notification for hearing impaired.  Faculty laptop will be deployed first week of December.

Transportation and Accessibility Improvements –ADA – This project is being funded and managed by the district office. $8M

Margaret Murphy reported that in TE 423, desks are not high enough for ADA compliance per DSPS office.  She added that K-258 has only 1 entry & exit door.

Mary Gallagher responded that contractor will make the adjustment.

Deba Mohapatra will bring his list next meeting with items that are non ADA compliance.

RWGPL-Grand Avenue Enhancement-nothing can be done before H building.

Art and Culinary Arts Building-Phase 2 – Mary Gallagher reported that there is no money from State, no facility bond.  Will resubmit programming document for H building.

Carole Anderson asked if the Culinary Arts faculty and Department Chair were involved in the planning.

Bill Smith indicated that they were heavily involved.

Mary Gallagher stated letting the architects know that they should be involve.

Actions Taken (if any): Motion and approval

Action/Discussion Items:

Item: Facilities Report (Mary Gallagher)
Key Consideration: Discussion….

Graffiti Update-Still waiting for elevator cameras, it should be in soon.

Carole Anderson asked if we can at least buff the elevators.  Mary Gallagher responded that will be included with the Design Build project.

Sidewalk (CDC) – most are done per Bill Smith.

Actions Taken (if any): Motion and approval

Action/Discussion Items:

Item: Safety/Security Committee(Nasr Gergis)
Key Consideration: Discussion….

Nasr Gergis reported concerns with crosswalk timing.  He already contacted LA Public Works to fix length of timing.  Also concern with the pot holes in the crosswalk.

He also requested chemical inventory for each building.  B building is done.

Safety Fair on October 12th.

Shake out drill on October 21st.

Need to identify designated smoking area.

Smoking and non-smoking signage posted in B Building.

Actions Taken (if any): Motion and approval

Action/Discussion Items:

Item: All BUG Committee (Mary Gallagher)
Key Consideration: Discussion….

Signage – Signage for Public Information- Mary Gallagher mentioned that signage will be presented on Wednesday; it is ready to go to DSA.

Carole Anderson stated making sure that the LATTC signage is without the curve.

Actions Taken (if any): Motion and approval

Action/Discussion Items:

Item: Campus Concerns (old)
Key Consideration: Discussion….

CDC Safety was resolved.

Counseling office-Sheila Tishler reported that the file cabinet that she received was damaged.  And still waiting for disk drives.

Grand Avenue Speed Limit – Deba Mohapatra will report next meeting.

Actions Taken (if any): Motion and approval

Action/Discussion Items:

Item: Campus Concerns (new)
Key Consideration: Discussion….

Space Planning Task Force-this item was tabled

Office Space Planning-this item was tabled

Health/PE and Culinary-this item was tabled

Department Space Planning-this item was tabled

Information Display Boards- Carole Anderson will make the arrangement to meet about information display.  Lourdes Brent, Lori Hunter, ASO and Nasr Gergis will be included in this meeting.

Academic Senate needs to comply with Brown Act Information, Board Minutes and Constituency Information.

Restroom Issues – Bill Smith still working on it.  Lori Hunter is requesting lock or staff restroom only.  Will include this issue in Design Build list.

Margaret Murphy reported that paper holder in TE faculty restroom is broken.

Frank Wiggins Portrait- waiting for directive.

ST second floor Fire Doors – Deba Mohapatra will take care of it, still under warranty.

Copier Security Financial Aid Office – Carole Anderson suggested putting password on the copier.  She will inform Bill Gasper.

Library Storage-Joyce Livingston was concerned with the microfiche machines being stored in the H building basement.

The machines are now stored in F building which has cooler temperature per Deba Mohapatra.

Joyce Livingston was also looking for magazines and journal that were stored in boxes and requesting more shelves.

Deba Mohapatra stated that there is no more room for shelves.

Trailer library-counters are too low.  Also, Nenita Blanco’s desk is too open, this is a union issue.

Bees- Nasr Gergis took care of the bees in R Building.

Luis Dorado requested “Free Speech” area clearly mark.

Bill Smith stated that he needs to identify specific area to put the signage.

Actions Taken (if any): Motion and approval

Meeting Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.